Welcome to a Unique
Public Charter School

Legacy Tech will be a public STEAM-focused charter high school based in Silicon Valley. An alternative to traditional high schools, Legacy Tech will partner with nearby corporations and universities to offer a unique, learn-by-doing curriculum.

The school’s innovative program will include exciting opportunities for students to learn from and work with leaders in Silicon Valley’s renowned technology industry. This hands-on, collaborative approach will inspire and engage students throughout the learning process. And it will give them the tools they need to succeed in higher education, careers and life in the 21st century.

A County First

Legacy Tech will be the first STEAM-based charter high school in Santa Clara County. It will be located near public transportation, thus accessible to students from across the county.

STEAM is an acronym that stands for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. These five subjects form the foundation of all advanced technological societies. Today’s students need to be well-versed in them to compete in and contribute to our rapidly changing global society.

The school will be open to students in grades 9 through 12. It will have a year-round program that will run weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. It will be tuition-free, with equal opportunity for admission, but will follow a selective acceptance process.

Committed Parents and Educators

Plans call for Legacy Tech to have about 500 students, and to graduate 100 to 125 a year. Parental involvement will be a priority, with all parents expected to support their children’s education and participate in school activities.

The school’s educators will be strong in their knowledge and skills, and passionate about what they do. They will not be concerned with how many minutes are in a school day; rather, they will do what it takes to help their students achieve success.