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Legacy Tech is hiring! If you are interested in joining the inaugural team at Legacy Tech, Santa Clara County’s first public STEAM-focused high school, please see below for a current list of job opportunities.

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Job Summary

Legacy Tech seeks a dynamic, visionary, and inspirational Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to lead the formation and implementation of a new charter high school school located in San Jose, CA that is scheduled to open its doors to students in the 2017 ­ 2018 school year.

School Background

Legacy Tech will be a public STEAM-focused charter high school, based in Silicon Valley, and serving students in Santa Clara County. The school will provide an alternative option to traditional public high schools and be positioned close to public transportation and in proximity for close university and corporate collaboration.

Essential Functions

1. Academic Leadership

The CEO is the academic leader of Legacy Tech. As the leader of a new school, the CEO will be charged with developing a curriculum that not only aligns with district and state standards, but also supports the technology­focused mission of a new charter school located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Duties in this area include:

  • Developing and maintaining a rigorous, engaging, and supportive teaching and learning program
  • Overseeing a robust, student­centered program of student life that supports the social and emotional needs of individual students
  • Designing and implementing rich opportunities for staff training and professional development
  • Ensuring the successful delivery of the school’s academic mission

2. Administration

The CEO is the administrative leader overseeing the entire school operations. Duties in this area include:

  • Recruitment, evaluation, and dismissal of staff and faculty
  • Developing and managing the school budget
  • Reporting to and working with the Board
  • Developing, enforcing, and evaluating appropriate policies and procedures
  • Developing, implementing, and evaluating student and parent advisory groups

3. Growth and Development

The CEO is the chief development officer of a new school. Duties in this area include:

  • Designing an organizational and operational structure for a new school, and recruiting and hiring the senior leadership team
  • Soliciting and deepening partnerships with local businesses, non-­profits, and other educational institutions
  • Planning, executing, and leading major fundraising initiatives
  • Developing and implementing a strategy for community outreach and engagement
  • Planning, implementing, and monitoring communications, marketing and publicity campaigns
  • Engaging with the local elected leadership to advocate on behalf of the school, and developing positive working relationships with the surrounding local educational community
  • Working with the Board and the senior administrative leadership of the school to develop and implement the school’s strategic plan

4. Other duties as assigned



A. Experience as an educator

  • Strong knowledge of contemporary research in secondary education, including teaching techniques, instruction methodologies, project­based learning, formative assessments, student­centered learning, computer­assisted instruction, and design­thinking principles
  • Progressive secondary school teaching and administrative experience
  • Experience designing and implementing STEAM curriculum
  • Experience developing, delivering and overseeing professional development opportunities for faculty

B. Experience as an administrator

  • Experience working at a senior administrative level in an educational institution, preferably as a high school Head of School, President, or Principal
  • Experience overseeing a complex academic program
  • Experience managing the financial and operational initiatives of a school
  • Extensive management and supervisory experience
  • Experience serving on or leading a school board of trustees
  • Experience interfacing with public policy entities involved in credentialing, certification, and overseeing school operations

C. Experience in organizational growth

  • Experience developing and implementing a strategic plan for an organization
  • Experience working in a new and growing organization
  • Experience as the leader of a product, company, organization, or major school program or initiative
  • Demonstrated ability to turn to an idea or vision into a reality
  • Experience in one or more of the following areas: private donor fundraising, corporate fundraising, nonprofit grant fundraising, facilities planning, and developing a capital campaign

D. General experience and qualities

  • Possessing or eligible for a California Administrative Services Credential
  • Strong academic credentials, including an advanced degree
  • Strong public speaking, presentation, and communication skills
  • A student­-centered leader
  • A dynamic, inspiring, charismatic leader who can hold administrators, faculty, and staff accountable to the mission of a brand new school
  • A visionary leader who is collaborative, confident, bold, and transparent
  • A passionate educator who displays honesty, integrity, intelligence, wisdom, warmth, and respect
  • Experience working with diverse student populations
  • The belief that all students, with proper support and scaffolding, can be successful
  • The belief that all students should have access to a rigorous college preparatory

To Apply

Formal application for this position will include a request for a statement of educational philosophy.